Our Model for Housing & Services

In our Maggie’s Place homes, we incorporate a unique approach.
We live in community; our moms and MissionCorps members sharing a home and living life alongside one another.

Pregnancy, by design, is meant to be experienced in the context of family and in our own way, our homes offer a dynamic and vibrant family life.
Each member of the community, regardless of their role, is changed profoundly by the experience. In this way, Maggie’s Place not only provides for the physical and emotional needs of the pregnant women who are our guests, but also encourages the growth of its MissionCorps members, donors, and volunteers.

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To assist women in overcoming their obstacles and meeting their goals,
Maggie’s Place provides the following resources to our guests at no charge:


A nurturing and stable home environment and nutritious food

Maternity and infant supplies

Weekly, one-on-one therapeutic counseling and bi-weekly group counseling, Women of Worth

Bus passes and assistance with transportation

Informal mentoring from other new mothers

Support, encouragement, and accountability by full-time, live-in MissionCorps members

A savings program in which women must save 70% of any income they receive while living at Maggie’s Place

Life skills courses on topics such as childbirth, healthy nutrition, budgeting, communication, and child rearing

Referrals to community agencies/programs including Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous, parenting classes, adoption counseling, job training, and low-cost housing

Access to education programs including high school equivalency, community colleges, and vocational training through referrals and a scholarship program

Knowledge of the state programs including health insurance, day care subsidies, food stamps, child support, and cash assistance

Informal modeling of healthy family life including conflict resolution, facilitating decisions for the common good, upholding expectations and consequences as needed, and celebrating goals achieved


About Our Homes

Maggie’s Place homes are located in neighborhoods like any other home. While moms are pregnant, they frequently share a room with another pregnant mom and as she nears her delivery date, she may move into a single bedroom with a crib, changing table and other items she will need for her baby. It is free of charge to live at Maggie’s Place. In exchange, Maggie’s Place asks that moms take effective steps to better themselves through a certain amount of productive time each week (e.g. job searching, working, attending school or classes, etc.) and expects guests to follow house rules to make it a mutually beneficial experience for all involved. The hour requirement ranges for moms depending on their unique situation but is typically 40 hours per week.

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